Updated: 5 Things Wrong With Tupac Performing Holographically At Coachella

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If you know me, read this blog, or even type the words “Tupac” in the search bar on this site, you would know that I am a HUGE Pac fan… Always have been, always will be. I write odes to him on his birthday and on the anniversary of his death, even post unreleased footage as it surfaces, or progress in light of catching his killer or filming his biopic. But that is neither here nor there….

As of last week, Nate Dogg was the only late rapper rumored to make a holographic appearance at Coachella. Out of no where, Tupac‘s name was added to the rumor… So when Shakur appeared amidst the Snoop Dogg x Dr. Dre set, I was utterly shocked.

Now, I’ve never done drugs a day in my life, but after watching Tupac come back to life via hologram, I was sure I was on an acid trip… It took me a while to truly process it, but here 5 things I found wrong with Tupac performing holographically at Coachella:

  1. It’s creepy… Don’t get me wrong, the idea in theory is amazing and it’s astounding that we have the technology to accommodate the idea, but it’s more than eery to have Tupac performing 15 years postmortem.
  2. The hologram said “What up, Coachella”. Keep in mind Tupac died before Coachella was invented.
  3. His mannerisms were off…  Whomever they had stunt double Tupac moves in order to place the holographic overlay has either never watched a Tupac performance in his life, or was straight bull sh*tting. They could have easily pulled footage from ‘Pac‘s House of Blue‘s performance (his last performance).
  4. “Hail Mary” was released after ‘Pac died. Having a hologram debut a song 15 years after the fact is disrespectful. And the pelvic thrust the Pac-ogram did mid-song was uncalled for.
  5. My biggest qualm with Tupac performing 15 years later from the grave is that it opens the can of worms, i.e. stimulates the idea for other folks to resurrect acts that have since passed on. We should let the dead rest in peace…Waking rappers up from the grave to perform on your 2012 stage is just wrong.

My concerns don’t stop at 5 though… I have other questions like: who is getting Tupac‘s cut of the paycheck for that appearance? Will this be the last we see of Pac-ogram? What other artists will be revived to perform postmortem-released songs?...etc

UPDATE: According to TMZ, Afeni Shakur, Tupac‘s mom, absolutely LOVED the performance:

A rep for Afeni tells TMZ, she was absolutely positively THRILLED with Tupac‘s virtual performance — when he appeared alongside Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg during the headlining show at Coachella last night … walking back and forth across the stage like he was actually present. Afeni didn’t attend the performance — but we’re told she watched it unfold live on the Internet … but while it was thrilling, the entire experience was bittersweet.

The rep also went on to say that Dr. Dre got explicit permission from Afeni to use Pac‘s image and that they made a donation to the Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation in his honor.