Photo Op: Unrefined Hype: Extended Play Showcase #UHSXSW

Photo Op: Unrefined Hype: Extended Play Showcase #UHSXSW

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On behalf of the team ( Eleven8, DJ Hella Yella, and myself), we just want to thank you for your participation and attendance of Unrefined Hype: Extended Play Showcase (#UHSXSW). Our event was a HUGE success!!! The turn out was outstanding and our venue reached capacity THREE TIMES. Fans were forced to stand in the streets and at the windows just to catch a glimpse of our amazing line up…

As a team, we worked so hard on our events and to see them come together with nothing but a few friends and a genuine love of music is astounding. — Big ups to our host, Fort Knox Live! He is literally the LIVEST host in the game, and did an amazing job. Shout out to our helpers Chas, Sonni, and Tiffany who helped ensure #UHSXSW was running smoothly, handing wristbands, running errands, and more…

#UHSXSW was just the beginning. The team is already back at the board working on our next big move! We’ll definitely keep you posted, but in the mean time, thank you for rocking with us. We appreciate your support, and look forward to making next year even better!

Photos by Hollygrove Photography. If you have photos/video, please email them to