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photo via TMZ

Two kids, 1 Drake verse, 3 homes, $75 million dollars, and a couple infidelities later… Vanessa and Kobe Bryant might just reconcile. The picture above is of Kobe and his now divorced wife macking and hanging after the Lakers won their Valentine’s Day game vs the Atlanta Hawks. I guess ‘shooting in the gym’ wasn’t necessary after all… Best of luck to them!

…the list continues. MTV originally started this conversation with hopes to note Wiz Khalifa as the 8th hottest mc in the game, due to his buzz cooling off, he got bumped to the #9, and Big Sean moved up to the #8.

After each member of MTV’s Hip-Hop Brain Trust submitted their personal Hottest MCs lists, Wiz landed the #8 spot. But then things took an interesting turn. After a heated roundtable debate and subsequent vote, Khalifa was bumped to #9 and G.O.O.D. Music upstart Big Sean snatched the #8 slot. The argument was fiery, and though most of the panelists agreed that Wiz’s success was remarkable, some contended that Rolling Papers was a critical disappointment and Khalifa had lost some steam in the past few months.

lil wayne and girlfriend dhea 2012
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On Valentine’s Day it is only customary that men go to insurmountable lengths to outdo their everyday loving and the girlfriend’s friends’ boyfriend (try saying that 10x fast, ha!). Lil Wayne decided to go for the gold and propose to his 2011-2 girlfriend Dhea.

“She said yes!”

You may know Dhea as the inspiration behind hit single “How To Love”, some know her as a former server/barista, or the girl with the presumed amazing snapper from Wayne‘s beach frolic… Either way, she will soon be the next Mrs. Carter.

UPDATED: Lil Wayne took to his twitter to clear things up. He’s not getting married. Oh how anti-climatic.

“Ohhhhhhh now I see why! I meant ‘she said yes’ to being my valentine!!!” he wrote. “Hahahahahahaha! Y’all krazy!”

diplo and usher


Music like this reminds me why I first fell in love with Usher, and I’m absolutely kicking myself at how incredible of a producer Diplo is. With their combined efforts they created “Climax” that will appease techno/dubstep fans, but in the same right not disappoint R&B lovers.

I’m hoping this wasn’t the last we’ll hear of their combined efforts…

nicki minaj vibe 2012
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After her Grammy performance, I’m sure VIBE may be regretful of selecting Nicki Minaj to cover their February/March issue of their magazine. I feel as though there is no better choice. Controversy sells, and to be honest, we’re all wondering what possessed her (pun intended) to put on the performance…

VIBE: You’ve said before that you didn’t really have fun recording Pink Friday. Nicki Minaj: I felt like I had something to prove to everyone who said a female rapper could not make an album unless she was talking about her pussy. And so I went above and beyond to prove that I could not talk about sex and not talk about my genitalia and still have a successful album. And I proved that. And now my time for proving things to my critics is over. I don’t really need to prove anything to anyone else anymore.

Is it still hard to get your way as a woman in this industry? It’s not hard to get your way when it’s your way or the highway. People either follow suit or they’re not around. I don’t really like the sound of that, ‘cause that sounds like a temper tantrum. I’m just very black and white when it comes to my business. There’s really no gray area. I really don’t have a lot of small talk with people I work with. It’s pretty much let’s get the job done. In the beginning, if people didn’t know me they’d probably assume I wasn’t smart or wasn’t business savvy. But once you sit and talk to me, it’s a different story.”