2012 XXL Freshmen Revealed, + 13 Artists They Missed


XXL Magazine revealed their freshmen list for 2012, and although I didn’t think it was possible, it seems as though they missed more artists with this list than in years before… First and foremost let me say congratulations to those that did make it: Danny Brown, Machine Gun Kelly, Hopsin, Macklemore, Kid Ink, Don Trip, Future, Iggy Azalea, Roscoe Dash, and French Montana. Unfortunately, I don’t believe that a majority of those artists deserved to make the list, but I knew this list would be bullsh*t from the get goContinue reading

WZRD [Kid Cudi + Dot Da Genius] Cover Complex


Kid Cudi has gotten his fair share of Complex covers, prior to or post an album. This time, he graces the cover of Complex with Dot Da Genius as promo for his album WZRD.

“Yeah. It’s tough for me to talk about love on records. I’ve never been that type of artist. It’s like, I have no love songs at all. I kind of took a whole other route with my music. This is just something that I was inspired to write. I felt like, if I was going to talk about it, this was a good first shot at expressing myself, and how I feel about this person. Just like how I was saying I want to do a song singing to my daughter. I know it’s going to take forever, because I want to make the right song. If I’m going to make a song for my daughter, it better be the most perfect song in the world. It better be the most glorious song with the most beautiful melodies that no one has ever heard. So, it’s like that pressure.” via Complex

bei maejor upscale ep official artwork

Exclusive Audio: Special by Bei Maejor + Official Upscale EP Artwork


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As Bei Maejor readies for the release of his innovative Upsacle EP on the 29th, he has unleashed just one more track from the cradle, “Special”. Bei takes a seeming laid-back melody, adds an up-tempo kick with pop glare; definitely a style all his own. The track was made sweeter with a shout out to a budding love, like Blue Ivy. “Special” is definitely a ‘feel good’ song, and just one of many original songs you’ll love from the forthcoming project.

Download: Special by Bei Maejor

Pusha T Schools Some Anonymous Rapper


Here I was just minding my own business, and low and behold Pusha T was schooling some anonymous rapper via twitter. Thank God he didn’t @ dude via twitter, because there would be no redemption from that. Peep what he had to say:

“If your music was good, I’d work with u. Its really not good, I promise u its not. We like new talent…from everywhere. I’m really serious. I’m gonna help u. 1st, change your name. 2nd, put out music with virals so u can have an identity. I want u to make it, but honestly u never will. I promise u won’t. U have the wrong attitude…u should listen to me my son…I’ll guide u. I don’t wanna laugh at u, I wanna help u…but u have to find your talent first. U have none…but u can grow it if u practice. Try my son. I’ve been trying to find u, to help u…no one knows u tho, which means u really aren’t a good rapper. Audition for me, let’s link. I will tell u everything your doing wrong, from verses to your look…I’ll help u…but u have to meet me. I know u just want a father…I’ll be that…u like me…I own u…u know it! Now let me guide u…I’ll make u NICE. Don’t u want that? I just want u to learn how to ask for help. U want my help don’t u? U need my help don’t u, u big grown man?? I will help u now…”

“A real man can ask for help without lashing out…I will help u my son…just ask. The only reason I don’t @ u is because your music isn’t good and I can’t embarrass the 757 like that by exposing who u are. If u simply ask for my help, I will not just @ u, I will take u in, under my wing and guide u in the right direction…just say “HELP.” Pls don’t run from me my son…stop thinking, just ask for “HELP” and I got u…pls don’t get quiet on me…u from my town, I will show u. Pls don’t do this to yourself, I’m offering help…why aren’t accepting it now? Let’s get passed the drama, ask and u shall receive.. Isn’t your talent, your rapping, your wannabe career worth that much? Ask and I WILL help, but u must be a man first. We’ve all needed HELP. Your not serious abt this rap life…its obvious! I can’t extend this offering anymore…I’m taking off now…goodbye my son.”

LOL! Man I love Pusha.