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Gillette Fusion’s “Masters Of Style” Featuring Andre 3000 + Adrien Brody

Andre 3000 starts hius progression back to the limelight with a Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler commercial. Andre goes on to explain his style, personal grooming, and more.

“Style is taking what you have and what you were given and playing with it. It’s something that you have that nobody else has and you kinda just have to love it and nurture it and say this is me and I’m just gon’ blast it out to the world.”

Rumor Control: Eddie Murphy Is Not Dead

Now I’ve known the internet to kill off celebrities every once in a while, and today Eddie Murphy was no exception. What made the rumor worse was that Joe Budden tweeted a confirmation that Eddie had passed: RIP Eddie Murphy. Another legend gone. B4 y’all ask… I don’t play the rumor game w death & it’s an extremely serious subject to me… He’s gone. #RIPEddieMurphy” But after conferring with his mother, who a person friend of Eddie, he tweeted a retraction. Eddie Murphy is alive an well fam. Carry on. Screen caps via Broken Cool.

Girl From Drake’s “Marvin’s Room” Is Suing For Co-Writer Royalties

No song with undisclosed vocals goes unpunished… In your daily dose of miscellaneous Drake news, the girl from the conversation on “Marvin’s Room”, is looking for payola. Her name is Ericka Lee, and she is revealing herself to be Drake’s ex-girlfriend, and is suing for co-writer royalties. “According to Hollywood Reporter: Lee filed the lawsuit on Thursday in California federal court claiming the two had a romantic and business partnership between early-2010 and mid-2011. During the relationship, the two are said to have traded poems and song lyrics and discussed joint creative projects. Last year, Drake allegedly agreed to work with Lee on “Marvin’s Room” and split the proceeds. Lee says she was asked to record the song’s “hook” as well as the opening monologue that would serve as the thematic framework for a song about Drake’s yearning for an ex-girlfriend and how his fame interfered with his love…

J. Cole x Nicki Minaj Talk Preparing For The Grammys

Pepsi x Pandora caught up with J. Cole and Nicki Minaj, who are both nominated for Best New Artist, to discuss their preparative journey towards the Grammy Awards. J. Cole went on to talk about being rejected the first time he met Jay-Z as well as the high expectation he has from himself to make his city proud. Nicki on the other hand is simply happy to be nominated, doesn’t believe that she’ll win, but knows she’ll have Grammys, eventually.

Video: Great Mood by STS feat. A$AP Ferg

STS is a few moments away from releasing his highly anticipated GOLD Rush mixtape, and something tells me that the project will be amazing. In the video above, STS and A$AP Ferg have taken Rick Ross’ “That Way” and reworked the beat into “Great Mood”. The track goes hard. Can’t wait to see what beat they flip next…

Thanks To Angie Martinez, A$AP Rocky Meets The Emcee He’s Named After, Rakim

Angie Martinez probably did the SWEETEST thing I’ve seen all year… Before things really blew up for A$AP Rocky, she interviewed him and discovered that he was literally named after Rakim The God emcee. To show that his life has really come full circle, while Rocky was in studio, Angie brought the original Rakim down to surprise the new emcee.