Updated: False Alarm, Lil Wayne Is Not Getting Married

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On Valentine’s Day it is only customary that men go to insurmountable lengths to outdo their everyday loving and the girlfriend’s friends’ boyfriend (try saying that 10x fast, ha!). Lil Wayne decided to go for the gold and propose to his 2011-2 girlfriend Dhea.

“She said yes!”

You may know Dhea as the inspiration behind hit single “How To Love”, some know her as a former server/barista, or the girl with the presumed amazing snapper from Wayne‘s beach frolic… Either way, she will soon be the next Mrs. Carter.

UPDATED: Lil Wayne took to his twitter to clear things up. He’s not getting married. Oh how anti-climatic.

“Ohhhhhhh now I see why! I meant ‘she said yes’ to being my valentine!!!” he wrote. “Hahahahahahaha! Y’all krazy!”