Jay-Z Is MTV’s #6 Hottest MC In The Game

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No offense to my friends who work at MTV or weighed in on this panel, but placing Jay-Z at #6 is a madd jab to credibility, especially coming off of one of the most revolutionary years of hip-hop.

“If you talk about the Throne, yeah, top five, no question. But Jay himself? From January to August, what was going on?” asked Rahman Dukes, MTV News’ director of hip-hop news, pointing out Jigga’s inactivity apart from WTT. “Kanye was moving.” The truth is, outside of WTT, Hov didn’t do the kinds of things that help an MC bolster his stats. Instead, the rap mogul was focused on his many business ventures — from his Brooklyn-bound Nets to re-launching the 40/40 Club in New York. Although few could argue that when he released “Glory,” days after the birth of daughter Blue Ivy Carter, he created quite the musical moment.