2012 XXL Freshmen Revealed, + 13 Artists They Missed

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XXL Magazine revealed their freshmen list for 2012, and although I didn’t think it was possible, it seems as though they missed more artists with this list than in years before… First and foremost let me say congratulations to those that did make it: Danny Brown, Machine Gun Kelly, Hopsin, Macklemore, Kid Ink, Don Trip, Future, Iggy Azalea, Roscoe Dash, and French Montana. Unfortunately, I don’t believe that a majority of those artists deserved to make the list, but I knew this list would be bullsh*t from the get go

Here’s who I feel as XXL missed (in no particular order):

  1. Casey Veggies
  2. ScHoolboy Q
  3. Dee-1
  4. A$AP Rocky (who actually declined to appear on this cover)
  5. Action Bronson
  6. Kid Daytona
  7. Tyler The Creator
  8. Azealia Banks
  9. STS
  10. Emilio Rojas
  11. Jon Connor
  12. Dom Kennedy
  13. Thurzday

I’m sure there are other artists whose names escape me at this point and time, but it just shows that there were more deserving people for the cover.

  • I don’t believe French Montana, Roscoe Dash, and Macklemore should be ‘considered’ freshmen. They’ve been in the game way too long and should actually take this ‘freshmen’ title as a demotion. It strips the tenure and puts them in the running with new cats. It’s almost as insulting as  XXL adding Smoke DZA as a candidate for “people’s choice”, but I digress…
  • I am thoroughly disappointed that XXL for wasting the “people’s choice” vote on Iggy Azalea. She deserved to be there of her on merit, but being that a female has never graced a freshmen issue they needed an ‘excuse’…
  • I don’t feel like Don Trip has built his buzz enough to deserve a spot, nor Hopsin. Yeah they got cosigns from labelmates, but have no genuine buzz of their own.
  • I do like that Kid Ink, MGK, and Danny Brown made the list, from the 2011 year they had, irregardless of whether I listen to their music or not, they definitely deserve it.

One thing that I’ve taken from XXL Freshmen lists (this year and previous ‘bad’ years), is that XXL Magazine is no longer a barometer of hip-hop, so when it is time to manufacture a list, such as this one, they don’t know how to quantify buzz. Which is why some of beg the question whether under the table payola and label-manufactured buzz had more of an influence on their picks than off of genuine work or ‘good music’? Or did they simply make a bad list so we’d discuss it, buy the issue, so they can keep their mag afloat?