Pill Unhappy With Record Label Situation, Vents Via Twitter

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Word on road is Pill is slated to be dropped from MMG due to impending legal issues, and Rick Ross not wanting his brand to be affiliated…. According to Pill those rumors are false. Those rumors are so false, that he took to his twitter vent about the lack of label support.

No TV and No Radio.. U do the math.I bet u can name you favorite artist and the turn on the tv and see the video and hear it on the radio. It’s not rocket science. Radio and TV b4 I had a deal, none after and u ask why Pill ain’t blew all the way up. Artist sign deals, label doesnt do shit for them or don’t even know to work the artist. time wasted..

This is the point where he goes on to blame Warner Bros, as if Warner is the only reason he hasn’t crossed over to go mainstream:

Ask Wiz Khalifa what Warner Bros did for him. I’ll wait.. dropped em. Atlantic signed em put em on TV and Radio and he sky rocketed. Mind you, whn I signed I had one of the biggest records in 09′ “Trap Goin Ham” never touched TV never touched radio. Now go back and do your research and see what unsigned artist was neck n neck with Drake’s So Far Gone in 09′. Pill 4180: The Prescription.

Neck & neck with Drake? Nah. Now you’re exaggerating. You can’t blame the label for delusion…

If I remember tht list correctly. It was Nicki Minaj, Drake, Pill, Wayne, Jeezy. Nw what the hell ws a new cumber like me doin on that list? Because IM DOPE!! That’s why, u ain’t gotta believe it but I know it and won’t ever stop until I get that spot I deserve. Peace. Thanx.Top 10 freshman cover of the New Times, unsigned hype MTV fire starter cover Creative Loafing, German magazine’s, French radio, Jimmy kimmel. Did a movie with Evan Ross and Brittany Snow, Had a documentary air at the UN summit in Geneva, Switzerland, Mark Ronson’s album, toured n London, countless shows in the states, Short Films, etc. and that with No TV or radio. Now imagine some push and TV and radio would do.

If rappers spent the same amount of time they did on twitter, plotting means of moving forward, they’d be much further in their careers… Frank Ocean dropped Nostalgia/Ultra without Def Jam. He was writing for Jay-Z, Kanye, and Beyonce before Def Jam even decided to give him a genuine push. So, Pill can get out of here with that “my label doesn’t do nothing” crap. If you want to be great, no label situation will stop you.