Another One Bites The Dust, HBO Cancels “How To Make It In America”

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Just as it was getting good, HBO hit series How To Make It In America bites the dust… HTMIIA was not the only show to get canceled, HBO also pulled Hung and Bored To Death off air.

I will miss HTMIIA, I was an avid watcher and I am disappointed in HBO for canceling something good, especially when there are still so many questions unanswered: What will ever become of Crisp? Will it compete with the Neaderthals? How will Cam, Ben & Domingo end up? What will happen to their insider trades friend in prision? Will Yosi make a reemergence?

Here are a few words from the makers:

We’d like to thank you, the fans of How to Make It in America, for your support during the past 2 seasons.

Unlike other networks, when a show is canceled on HBO, it cannot jump to another network. So pour a little water out for the fallen…