12.14 – Last Week In Album Sales

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The last week in album sales was a triumphant one.. Adele is still breaking records, Amy Winehouse is making music after death, Drake is rearing gold, The Roots album was released, and Robin Thicke and T-Pain dropped projects. Figure out where they stand on the charts after the break…

3. Over 5 million copies of Adele‘s 21 have been sold within the year, and her position on the album sales chart remains relatively wavered. This week was no exception. Adele claims the number 3 spot on the charts with an additional 186,229 copies of her album sold within the last week. Incredible.

4. As expected, The Justin Bieber comes in at the number 4 spot with an additional 157,486 copies of his album, Under The Mistletoe sold within the last week.

5. Amy Winehouse‘s post-houmous release, Lioness: Hidden Treasures, debuts at the number 5 spot with 110,440 copies of her album sold within the first week. One thing about this album that I like is that it’s technically not “post-houmous”. It wasn’t arranged after death, songs weren’t remastered…etc. This album was literally completed before Amy‘s death. They were simply waiting on Amy to attain a consistent level of sobriety in society before releasing and marketing the project. R.I.P.

7. Drake‘s Take Care came in at the number 7 spot with an additional 71,953 copies of his album sold within the last week. Drizzy has got to be rearing on a Gold certification about now.

12. Rihanna‘s Talk That Talk comes in at the number 12 spot with an additional 50,752 sold within the last week.

15. After years and years of toiling, The Roots debuted on the chart at the number 15 spot with 48,211 copies of their album Undun, sold in the first week. Now as compared to the Drake‘s and Lil Wayne‘s of this world, this number may not seem that high, but let me just say, this number is a victory! In their hay-day, moving near 50K units in the first week was unheard of, especially from a group of conscious musicians. #WIN

22. Robin Thicke debuts at the 22 spot with 41,161 copies of his album, Love After War, sold within the first week.

28. T-Pain debuts at the 28th spot with 34,245 copies of his album, Revolver, sold within the first week.