Jojo Simmons Responds To Transexual Love-Affair Allegations

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The title is a mouthful right? Right! In the video above, a transexual girl namemd Julisa, decided to hop on Worldstar and blast Jojo Simmons and call his sexuality into question after the two had exchanged DM’s and text messages. According to the girl, Jojo was well aware that she was transexual when they started talking, Jojo took to his twitter to deny it all.

Jojo’s response: Come on with this bullsh-t on worldstar. Plz dont believe as soon as i found out i aint hit that f-ck nigga back i dont roll like that. But i dont lie he hit me nd when pix were sent i knew wussup from the jump so i left it alone real nigga sh-t. To crazy this nigga tried to flip it talkin bout its a ill freak sending pix of bitches ass nd ”it” know damn well the t.s. Wasnt there. ”it” had a b-tches a-s in its avi when it tried to hit me…yea i said i dont judge it before i knew it was a it nd it was sayin its a freak. The moral of the story is no more tryna bag on twitter without fully knowing lol cuz that would never happen in person. Say what you want but i cant b mad cuz all that sh-t is bullsh-t now back my day. All this gay shit cool.out with that i dont judge nobody but i aint no faggot all my bitches know.

Thou doth protest too much. Even if Jojo is gay/bisexual/question, he deserves the right to come out of the closet by himself. You are not Kat Stacks nor are you going to be famous by airing his dirty laundry on Worldstar. In the same right, the twitter rant was way over the top. Thanks to the internet, it’ll all come out in the wash…

XO: Miss Jia