Let The Poor Man Rest In Peace: TMZ Uncovers Tupac Shakur’s Sextape

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According to TMZ, there is a 5 minute sextape of Tupac receiving fellatio… Now, if a living artist did some dirt on camera and it wound up on the internet, I say “viva la dirt”. Tupac Shakur has been dead and buried for 15 years. Back when this alleged sextape was shot, things were stored on VHS not digitally, so for them to go and unearth it is mind-blowing to me. No pun intended.

“The tape, shot in 1991, begins with a bunch of groupies in a living room during a house party. Tupac walks into the room with his pants down to his ankles, his shirt off … sporting several chains. Tupac — whose head is shaved — pulls one of the women toward him, and she begins performing oral sex. As she does her thing, an unreleased song of Tupac‘s is playing in the background, as Tupacis singing along and dancing, wiggling his hips.

And it gets even better. As the woman services Tupac, who is holding a cocktail in one hand and a blunt in another, Money B from Digital Underground walks over to him. Tupac puts his cocktail arm around Money B, continues singing and dancing … and the woman never stops. As the tape ends it appears he’s ready to begin sexual intercourse. It’s unclear if there’s another tape. We’ve learned the person in possession of the tape is making plans to release it.”

They need let ‘Pac rest in peace. Sextapes from the dead? I’ll pass on that…