Kreayshawn Gets “Hacked”, Nudes Hit Internet

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Kreayshawn was making a big stink about not winning the MTV VMA’s new artist award, and proceeded to tweet that she appreciated all of the love, except from us (n-words). Less than an hour later, her bare chested photo surfaced.

Was she hacked? Probably not. I don’t know a self-respecting hacker who would waste their time. Did she leak them herself? No, but then again, nothing is beneath this chick…. Something tells me this isn’t the last we’ve seen of shirtless-Kreayshawn.

  • Ass

    obviously it was them who were posting on her twitter, genius.

  • Huiledefoie

    stupid article – she was hacked – stupid stupid article

  • blah!

    you are a fucking moron

  • Respectmahgriz

    Kreayshawn wasn’t hacked, she just being a fuck up. Just like usual. They did steal her phone though

  • AmericanApparelXL

    I’ve been staring at this Kreayshawn pic for an hour, but her titties are still loading #iaintshit LMAO