Exclusive: FaceTime With Dee-1

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To say that this was one of my favorite industry experiences would be an understatement… Dee-1 was a co-panelist at the Texas Summer Music Conference, along with myself and a few other notable characters. Something about the New Orleans-bred rapper with a dichotomous conversation, lingered. It took me a couple days to mull over the feeling, but I finally came to the conclusion that it was ‘hunger’; his hunger and his passion for his craft.

Although our FaceTime discussion only dealt with winning fans over, being personable in the industry, and branding, our off camera conversation is one I won’t soon forget. We shared anecdotes of the necessity of self-refinement, being burdened to be the voice of your people and “bodying” the pilgrimage…

Trust me on this, Dee-1 is going somewhere, fast.