DRAMA UPDATE: Nicki Minaj Was Hit With A Suitcase By Her Assistant…

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I guess TMZ got their hands on the official police reports because, they’ve just release the details of Nicki being hit in the face with a suitcase.

“According to the police report, Nicki followed the man up to the room they were sharing, to make sure he didn’t take any of her stuff. Nicki was in the room looking into her suitcase, which had some of the man’s belongings, when she says he “grabbed the suitcase and as he was picking it up, he shoved the suitcase across [Nicki‘s] chin and lower lip.”

The police report goes on: “[Nicki‘s] teeth struck the inside of her lower lip, causing the inside of the lower lip to cut and start to bleed.” According to the report, a paramedic arrived on scene, but Nicki decided she didn’t want to press charges so the case was closed.”

The man as identified by the police report is Nicki’s personal assistant. Dramaaaaaa! I hope he got fired, hitting a woman (with a suitcase) is not okay.

You can view the police report here.