Photos: Nicki Minaj’s Boob Increase Via TUBA (A Type of Surgery)

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Word on the e-streets for a while has been that Nicki Minaj got a boob job… Being a woman, I can’t sense this kind of thing. No, my boob-senses do not tingle to alert me if new fakes are on the street, so I wasn’t going to say anything until I had some kind of “proof”.

According to the internet, the scar on Nicki‘s stomach is the scarring your receive post-TUBA operation. What’s TUBA, you ask?

“Transumbilical Breast Augmentation (TUBA) is an endoscopic plastic surgery procedure where breast implants are inserted through the umbilicus, or navel/belly button, thereby eliminating obvious surgical incisions—keeping your surgery a private matter.”

TUBA huh? I guess….. Whether Nicki got a boob job or not doesn’t surprise me. When folks get money they tend to carve themselves up. My question is why lie? Why keep it a secret?

If a girl on the street buys a weave and someone asks her if that’s “her hair”? It IS her hair. It may not have grown out of her scalp, but it belongs to her. Same things go for body parts. Although we probe fun at at Nicki Minaj‘s booty pads, at the end of the day, she bought them so they’re her’s…

  • Ms. Miss

    smh………what a Puppet she has become



    • unknown

      and ABSOLUTELY real ;P

      • bob

        Maybe they not real but she is still Fit As f$$k 😀

  • Danielle

    you have a nice boob figure

  • Pinkobsceneprincessxoxo

    She’s a great artist… I think her butt is real though, if you just change your diet and do squats and other butt building excersises, you can make ur booty bigger. It’s like building any other muscle…

  • Rina0900

    she doesnt have a boob job lah. -.- dont make gossips when you dont know the truth. -.- jackass.

  • lol

    She’s a whore

  • Reenu

    Before websites such as yourself start rumors… you might wana make sure it wasnt her vest’s buckle that may have left a mark after digging into her skin while she was sitting. It IS POSSIBLE you know. =s This is exactly how rumors are started. =)