Gilert Arenas Doesn’t Want His ‘Basketball Wife’ To Be Great

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Gilbert Arenas‘ ex-fiance, Laura Govan, is supposed to be part of the cast for the Vh1’s LA Edition of Basketall Wives. Gilbert Arenas doesn’t want his ‘basketball wife’ to be great and get her 15 minutes of fame, so he is seeking aide from a judge, and hoping to stop the production of the show and get be compensated.

Gilbert is claiming that Laura being on the show is exploiting his character, and that she signed up on the show to simply become popular, and is somehow detrimental to his image…..

“The very presence of defendant Govan and the title of the show is an obvious reference to [Arenas].” And Arenas notes his name was used in the press release announcing Govan had joined the cast. Gilbert claims Govan and the producers have no right to use his name or likeness — expressed or implied — so he’s asking a judge to slap an injunction on the show so it can’t air. 

Of course Laura is only doing the show to be popular. Let’s be honest… It truly has nothing to do with you. As lame as reality shows may seem, we keep watching them and epitomizing the people who make these so-called-series. Arenas was with ol’ girl for like 9 years and didn’t wife her. Let her make some bread off the fail. If Gilbert was smart, he’d not even consider her motives but rather use the opportunity as a way to promote himself, because he’s still not quite back in the good graces of the people, and that NBA money doesn’t last forever.