EXCLUSIVE: Little Dragon Performs At UCLA JazzReggae Festival + Mini-Interview

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I went to UCLA’s JazzReggae Festival over the weekend and had a blast! While I was there I got to see Little Dragon for the first time…

Prior to the festival I had heard of Little Dragon by word of mouth, but never had I heard any of their music. First impressions are everything, and they rocked it! Their sound is like a mix of Jhene Aiko and Bon Iver. They’re different, very unique, but they do it all effortlessly.

The sun was blinding but I was still able to get some of their performance recorded… Their entire set was like 45 minutes and I literally had to fight the urge of turning off my camera and just rocking out.

I did a mini-interview with Yukimi of Little Dragon shared with a California student radio station. I wasn’t able to get all my questions in, but the few we got were good enough…

Yukimi on her influences:
I am influenced by so many different types of music, house music, electronic music, soul music, reggae music… everything.

Yukimi on what she was doing before music:
I was doing anything just to work as little as possible. We had day jobs, I worked at little cafes and stuff…

Yukimi on how she got her voice discovered:
I played with different bands, was a guest vocalist for other acts.

Yukimi on Little Dragon collaborations:
Maybe. If the vibe is there. We’re open to it. You meet so many great artists while you’re out there on the road. You can’t work with everybody, but if you have a kind of connection, then we’re up for it.

Her advice for upcoming artists:
Work hard. That’s what we’ve been doing. Keep touring. It’ll come. The live part will develop. We’ve done everything from scratch. We’ve driven down from Poland 20 hours from Gutenberg,sound checked and then played… Just work hard and believe in yourself and anything can happen.”

I would definitely love to sit with her and do something more in depth, but the folks on the side were waving us off….. After this show, I’m definitely a Little Dragon fan. Check out photos of them in my UCLA JazzReggae Fest album below…