Wiz Khalifa Talks Amber Rose & Natalie Nunn, Flex (of Hot 97) Roasts

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Wiz Khalifa stopped in with Hot 97‘s Funkmaster Flex over the weekend to talk about his past and his future, Natalie Nunn and Amber Rose. A couple days ago, Natalie Nunn took to her ustream to basically complain about Amber Rose moving in on her ex-boo. Maybe she wasn’t trying to give up the Wiz, but I digress….

What makes this interview so this funny is that Flex is SHADING the heck out of Wiz as he’s speaking. Khalilfa, of course, was trying to stay neutral, because you never know when you might need an extra chick on deck. Then Flex alludes to Natalie writing a tell all book, and it was all “bird talk” from there.

Its unfortunate that Wiz can’t see, all these women in his life, aren’t really interested in him, but more so how they can use him. Two industry groupies in two months? C’mon son….