Review: Last Train To Paris by Diddy Dirty Money

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Before listening to this album, I promised myself that I wouldn’t shade the heck out of it just because Diddy was on it, but that I’d actually try and give it a chance, especially since its been 3 years in the making.

Intro. – It was really smooth. Like the corner where elevator music meets an 808. It probably would have been better if it was a full track, but the transition from this joint to the 2nd track was horrible.

Yeah Yeah You Would (ft. Grace Jones). – I found myself nodding my head to the beat, not to mention a Grace Jones collaboration is something near unheard of in the 21st century. The first 1min and 45 seconds were hot, but Diddy ruined it with his rapping. The hook and chorus gave me life though, lowkey.

I Hate That You Love Me – This track was like a missing track from the “Carmen; The Hip-Hopera (circa 2001)” Soundtrack…. and that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Azz On The Floor – This track has grown on me entirely, Swizz Beatz’s adlibs are still annoying, but not as much as they were from the jump. Not really messing with Diddy’s verse, but aside from that, the track is descent.

Looking For Love (ft. Usher) – This track sounded like it belonged on Usher’s Raymond vs. Raymond. The beat is a spin off of Usher’s “Lil Freak”, and Diddy ain’t half-bad (or existent) on this track. Although this song was bearable, you wouldn’t catch me playing it back.

Someone To Love Me This sound on here was different, dancehall reminiscent. Diddy takes the verses on this joint and doesn’t kill the Aaladin vibe of the track.

Hate You Now – It is very apparent to me, by this track that Dawn and the other girl (sorry, I never really bothered to learn her name, because I didn’t think the group would make it this far), are simply background singers. Really contributing nothing of value to the tracks (as of yet)… This song, makes me hate you now Diddy – [(c) Desquire].

Yesterday ft. Chris Brown – This song could have been something we found on Chris’ In My Zone 2 Mixtape. Doesn’t really belong nor flow with the prior tracks on this album nor were Dawn or Kaleena (the other girl in Dirty Money) on this track, at all…

Shades ft. Lil Wayne, Justin Timberlake, Bilal, + James Fauntleroy – I HATE how they have Lil Wayne on the intro of this track like he’s a spoken word artist or something, Bilal kills it, but then again it IS Bilal. James Fauntleroy comes with it on the chorus and.. Justin Timberlake contributes a little something-something reminiscent of his FutureSex / LoveSounds Album, his verse towards the end was a lil hot. Oh + Diddy decided to Kirk Franklin on this track and talk his way through, while not contributing anything to it but his adlibs. I still can’t find Dawn and Kaleena for the life of me.

Angel ft. Biggie Smalls + Rick Ross – This song dropped almost a year ago on the internet, so I wasn’t really expecting it to be on the album. I also feel a certain kind of way about anyone making money off of anyone who’s passed on, i.e. Biggie Smalls being featured on this track. Diddy’s singing hasn’t gotten any less atrocious a year ago when this song dropped initially. Dawn and Kaleena reappear, btw.

Your Love ft. Trey Songz – Kaleena and Dawn finally get a verse to shine. The feel of this song should have been more prominent through the entire album. Unfortunately Diddy ruins it with his rapping. [I really tried to give it a chance you guys…]

Strobe Lights ft. Lil Wayne – I’m messing with Lil Wayne on this track. The beat had me bouncing from the jump. I would actually mess with this song, while I was at the gym or something. Dawn and Kaleena get to sing, but then it goes downhill. Yall already know why…..

Hello Good Morning ft. T.I. – This song makes sense after the Strobe Lights. T.I’s verse actually holds water, no shade at Lil Wayne. This song has been a radio hit for so long, no need for me to review it.

I Know ft. Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, + Seven of Rich Girl – Diddy is actually sptitting with tiny bit of lyricism on this track but his voice just kills it for me, but I admit he had a little bit of depth behind it. I don’t really mess with Wiz Khalifa, but 5 seconds of his “Black and Yellow” song topped his entire verse on this track hands down. The only person who really came with it was Chris Brown. Oh + I lost Dawn and Kaleena again, I think they were replaced by Seven from Rich Girl.

Coming Home ft. Skylar GreyDawn and Kaleena were virtually obsolete on this track I guess Dawn + Kaleena were singing the chorus’, but I do dig the Skylar Grey (the intro) sample for sure. She killed it, and of course the song would have been better sans Diddy.

Loving You No More t. Drake – I love this track. From Dawn on the hook to Diddy on the verses to Kaleena on the chorus, I wish they had done this the entire album. Drakes verse delivered and it delivered well. A great way to end out the album.

The album overall would probably not get played get much playback out of me. There were a few tracks that I was lowkey messing with, but overall the album is a D+. The “Dirty Money” aspect of Diddy Dirty Money was out-shined by their features and the salvageable tracks were murdered senselessly by Diddy. Overall the 3 year postponed album was three years too late on its delivery.