Karrine Steffans Goes “Kat Stacks” On Eddie Winslow

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About two weeks ago, Karrine Steffans called Eddie Winslow was a woman beater. Eddie wasn’t having that because soon after called her a liar and denounced the allegations. According to TMZ the suit hasn’t been going quite as Karrine would have hoped, so I’m guessing she got a little upset and decided to make this video. She goes “Kat Stacks” on him, so if you’re a Family Matters fan, and aren’t trying to tarnish your image of Eddie Winslow, I suggest you don’t watch it……

“Take your nasty anal beads with you! You dirty, big asshole nigga!” – Karrine Steffans to Darius McCrary (Eddie Winslow)

TMI Karrine!!!!! I really didn’t need to know Eddie like that…. But I hope they resolve their spat, before she makes another video… *shivers*