Black Friday [Nicki Minaj Diss] FULL by Lil Kim + Thoughts On Beef

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I thought I should post this on GP. I know I posted the preview earlier. Lil Kim came hard, no funny voices, no gimicks, just straight lyrics.

“I mothered you h–s, I should claim you on my taxes.”

DL: Black Friday [Nicki Minaj Diss] FULL by Lil Kim

I must admit, I LOVE and hate rap beefs. It gives me something to blog about, but at the same time you’ve got to chose sides. After watching Nicki Minaj’s “My Time Now” I do have more respect for her, but I will always understand where Lil Kim is coming from. But the beef can’t last forever, Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj are NOT Biggie and Tupac. I think eventually they should come together a do a track.

I guess MC Lyte agrees with me.