T.I and Tiny Arrested After Cops Find Ecstacy + Sizzurp??

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T.I and Tiny

When will the maddness stop? I’m a firm believer that if you’ve got money, you don’t need “party favors” to have fun at the party. So I don’t understand why T.I. and Tiny would even have a controlled substance on them, yet alone, get arrested for it…

According to TMZ, T.I (Clifford Harris Jr.), and his wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottle were arrested because the police say that they found what controlled substances in their car while the couple was driving around West Hollywood…

Cops pulled the two over on Sunset Blvd around 10:18 PM for a traffic violation and then smelled marijuana. During a subsequent search of the vehicle, cops say they found a controlled substance — we’re told it was not cocaine. The class of the controlled substance that was found includes methamphetamines and ecstasy.

Word is the cops found styrofoam cups and blue pills. The automatically assumed the cups contained sizzurp but are now testing both substances to validate there findings. All I know that whatever the case may be this is T.I.’s 2nd strike.  He’s still on probation and just being in the vicinity of stuff like that is automatic jail time if I’m not mistaken… As for Tiny, how stupid could you be? Driving around Cali with something-something in the car? Oh you think you fancy huh? Don’t you have a daughter? Word to the both of them, we DO NOT need a Bonnie + Clyde 2010. #ThatIsAll

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