Jay Electronica Talks Soulja Boy


One of my favorite Chi-city emcees, Jay Electronica, sat down with MTV and said a few words about Soulja Boy… I can’t say I fully agree, but I respect the opinion.

I understand the “spirit” Jay was referring to, but I am of the opinion that Soulja Boy could be cryptic if he wanted to. Hopping out your bed and turning your swag on may be *spirited BUT that’s what hip hop’s about. Hip hop is about generating political noise, delivering messages, things USEFUL to the black community and the masses… If your lyrics have no value past “youuuuuuuu” (skeeting) across the back of a broad then why would a hip hop connoisseur respect you? I’m not knocking Soulja Boys hustle, dude has madd hits under his belt… but to call him a lyricist, that’s a stretch.

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  • Anonymous

    Jay is stupid… Soulja Boy ain't not lyricist!

  • Anonymous

    hold up, Jay Electronica is still alive? LMAO!

  • STFU!