Exclusive Interview With Donell Jones

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Donell Jones is epic. I have experienced make ups and break ups to his music, so getting this interview was truly a blessing. Donell Jones has hits, after hits, after hits…. from “U Know What’s Up” to “Where I Wanna Be” to “I’ll Go”… all hits. He’s making a comeback, just released a e-CD “The Lost Files”; available only on iTunes. The joint is super refreshing to the so-called r&b; we hear on the radio. He’s also currently in and out of the studio finishing up an album, which is gonna be released later on this spring, but is currently untitled. Thanks to Madeline, Donell’s wonderful manager, I was able to chat with Donell on the telephone for a bit… A Miss Dimplez exclusive!

MD: So, I got a few questions for you, some are from fans some are from random people on twitter, uhm, the number one question I did get in though is where have you been since ’06?
DJ: Pretty much just relaxing, uhm just waiting to get off Jive Records really, that’s basically in a nut shell what I’ve been doing, just trying to get off of that contract…
MD: So, what are you gonna do now that you’re out the contract?
DJ: Oh, I’m going to Disney World [laughs].. nah actually uhm, I just started my own label, so now you know, I put out The Lost Files, which is out right now, and also you know, my new album will be complete soon.
MD: Do you think r&b; or the art of r&b; is dead?
DJ: Nah, I don’t think its dead, I just think everybody has their own style of r&b..; I think what’s happening right now, is that, there’s so many cats out there doing the same thing, there’s just no variety anymore… You know, uhm, when I was in the game, everybody had their own style. You know when you heard a Baby Face record you knew this was Baby Face, when you heard a Stevie Wonder song, you knew it was Stevie Wonder.. Like so many artists had different styles of r&b…; and I think that a lot of artist are going to the same producers and everything is starting to sound the same. Its kinda like one big song on the radio.. And, you know, i think the variety of different styles has diminished.
MD: Okay… That’s real… So how do you think, with your new cd The Lost Files out on iTunes, how do you think that you can change the current state of r&b;?
DJ: Oh, I definitely know I can change it. I have a great, great, pool of fans, that have supported me since the beginning.. And as far as my fans, I know I can definitely change the way they feel about r&b…; You know, I always try to talk about love, and relationships, make ups and break ups… putting substance of the music, and the nature of the story of what we going through… and I think that’s what’s missing in r&b; now-a-days, the lack of love or things about relationships… and cats these days just talk about how much money they got, or how much chicks they done hit… and to me that’s, that really not it…
MD: Okay, okay… so uhm, when and why did you start singing?
DJ: I started singing when I was 5 years old… Why? I think it was a gift from God… See, my mother and father also sang as well, they just didn’t do it professionally… and it just, you know, watching the award shows, and listening to music… my mom played a lot of music, uhm, I think that’s what made me really want to sing.. and when I got older my mom bought me a keyboard, i learned how to play it myself… it just kept getting better and better for me, until that was all i wanted to do.
MD: That’s what’s up… that’s whats up… so what inspires you, as a artist, because I know you write your own music, so what inspires you? And do you ever feel like giving up?
DJ: Writing songs, and being able to go on stage, and seeing people react to those songs, that’s what really turns me on. I think at some point we all feel like giving up, but to be honest with you, I’ll never give up, I love music so much… and personal experience, that’s what really inspires me. And then growing up in a musical era, where there was so much great music, I just want to take it and share with everybody else… so much great music growing up.
MD: Right…. so, you right your own music, how long does it take for you to come up with a new concept?
DJ: Not long at all… I could be on the phone talking to you right now, and you might say something funny that would be a concept for a song… and basically, most of my songs come from personal experiences, that I’ve been through, with a little bit of added fiction to make the stories a little bit more believable…
MD: MmmmHmmm… so if you could chose one song, that you sang in your entire career to be remember with, what would it be and why?
DJ: Oh, that’s easy, that would be “Where I Wanna Be”… I think that is the song that I would mostly be remembered by, because a lot of people really felt that song, and they felt the emotion that I had when I was singing that song, because it was a true story, and I think a lot of people at the time was going through that… and the funny thing about it is, it still happens today… Its one of those songs that will always make people know who I am…
MD: That’s real… what can we expect next?
DJ: Definitely tours, I’m going everywhere, and as far as collabos, we’ll probably do those on the remixes, I don’t like to do those on my album, because you go on tour and they always expect to see you and that person together and that doesn’t always happen… so you know, I like to keep myself for my album, and the remixes for re-releases…
MD: Is there anything you’d like to add before we close… Anything you want fans to know about “Donell Jones”?
DJ: Definitely, I just want to let all my fans know that I really appreciate them supporting me through the years, and this a new album that I have coming out and its gonna be hits from top to bottom, and if they follow my career they know that when I make an album its really not about the singles its about the whole project. So, when you put this particular album on, and you get in your head that this is all purpose music. Get your groove on, drive to it, love to it, this is all purpose music, and I’m gonna continue to do that. And if they want to reach me, they can hit me up on www.twitter.com/donelljones96, www.face
, www.myspace.com/donelljones [www.youtube.com/donelljonestv] MD: Thank you once again…
DJ: No problem, you have a good day…
MD: You too…

– Miss Dimplez