In Response To Jay-Z Denying Illuminati Affiliations


So a couple weeks ago I had posted a blog about the symbolism in Jay-Z’s on to the next one video [read here]. Well, that particular post got over 10,000 hits, lots of emails, and comments… and I’m hoping it is what instigated Jay-Z to take a stand and address the devilish speculation. Well, he went on to The Angie Martinez Show… listen to the two clips below.

Part 2: After discussing the crisis in Haiti, Hov speaks on his religious beliefs and repudiates involvement in any “secret society”.

*BONUS: Let’s talk religion. Remember this?

See… I don’t know about you, but the interview doesn’t put my mind at ease. I am not saying that Jay-Z isn’t what he says he believes, but his rap lyrics say something different, his videos say something different. Words hold value, and what value is a man if you can’t trust his word…. But, I guess I wasn’t alone in my skepticism. Someone sent my friend @Dauche this video, and I felt I should post it. Take a good listen to what he’s saying…

Now tell me, is that a hit or miss?…
– Miss Dimplez

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